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Reliable Metalcraft Corporation - Punch Press Stamping
1210 N. Willow St.
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Phone: (574)255-1294
Toll Free: (800)848-4788

Reliable Metalcraft can provide traditional punch press stamping ranging in size from 2 ton to 60 ton for those metal stampings that do not require the capabilities of their multi-slide machines.

With over 30 years experience in the metal stamping business which includes punch press stamping and Multi-Slide/four slide stamping, Reliable Metalcraft manufactures for a wide variety of industries that utilize spring clips, clamps, brackets or other custom metal stampings in their own product lines.

Their punch presses can stamp parts from metal up to .125" thick or as thin as .003" and their wide variety of sizes and types of other machines allow them the versatility to make almost any type of small, precision metal stamping.

Contact Reliable Metalcraft Corporation to find out how they can help you meet your punch press stamping needs.

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