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Edge Outdoor Gear
24350 State Road 23 South
South Bend, IN 46614
Phone: 8332016457

Edge Outdoor Gear offers Outdoor Dog Beds, Big Frig Coolers, Dog Kennels and more. Designed for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hunting and boating, Edge Outdoor Gear is proud to present the finest outdoor products.

If you are like us, your dogs are part of what you do. We designed our outdoor dog beds to make sure that your dogs can spend plenty of time with you wherever your adventures take you. Our Rhino dog bed is chew resistant, scratch resistant, and fluid resistant dog bed made of heavyweight double-coated ballistic nylon.

Whats an outdoor adventure without a cold drink and food? Our Big Frig Coolers stay cold for as long as 10+ days. Rotationally molded and depending on the model features include UV protected interior and exterior, integrated rulers perfect for fishing and steel lock plates with built-in bottle openers.

Edge Outdoor Gear was started because we love talking with folks about the same things that drive us, enjoying the great outdoors. So whether you are kicking back by a crackling riverside bonfire, chasing the cackle of the flushing rooster, or listening to the owls from your back deck, we want our products by your side.

Contact Edge Outdoor Gear to learn more about our outdoor dog beds, Big Frig Coolers, Dog Kennels and more at (833)201-6457 today!

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