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Reliable Metalcraft Corporation - Multi-slide/Four slide stamping
1210 N. Willow St.
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Phone: (574)255-1294
Toll Free: (800)848-4788

U.S. Baird Multi-Slide®/Four-slide stampings at Reliable Metalcraft Corp. have been an integral part of their business from the start of our company in 1975.

Reliable Metalcraft Corp has over 35 U.S. Baird Multi-Slide®/Four-slide machines in Their facility. With these U.S. Baird Multi-Slide®/Four-slide stamping presses, Reliable Metalcraft Corp can provide Their customers with high speed production of their metal stampings, with a minimum of labor, and with lower tooling costs and tool maintenance

Contact Reliable Metalcraft Corp. to find out more about how these efficient machines can help you take costs out of your metal stamping project.

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