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Van Buren County Economic Development
219 E. Paw Paw Street #302
Paw Paw, MI 49079
Phone: 9269) 657-8243 x15

Van Buren County is located in beautiful southwestern Michigan along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

With low taxes, inexpensive utilities, an experienced workforce and a strategic location served by all primary modes of transportation, Van Buren County is uniquely poised to assist in the growth of your business. Under the direction of the County Commissioners, the County is focusing its resources upon economic development including business growth, retention and attraction.

Van Buren County has been home to many successful business ventures over the years. These successes come from nearly all types of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, power generation and business services. In recent years Van Buren County has seen growth in many new industries including wine and beer making, tourism and technology.

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