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Active Health & Wellness Center
3027 Mishawaka Ave.
South Bend, IN 46615
Phone: 574-259-9355

Active Health and Wellness Center is a one-stop chiropractic health and wellness center in South Bend. For 20 years, Dr. Lisa Meyers and the staff at Active Health and Wellness center have been treating and educating patients with the goal of enriching our community.

Dr. Meyers is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who has treated professional athletes, active adults and children, and those wishing to address chronic pain and live a healthier lifestyle. Her experience includes treating many types of injuries ranging from serious auto accidents and workmen's compensation to minor aches and pains such as low back pain or headaches. Her commitment to chiropractic health and wellness is matched by her warm and caring manner and personalized care.

Contact Active Health and Wellness Center at 574.259.WELL (9355) to learn more today!

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