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Hoosier Spring Co., Inc.
4604 S Burnett Drive
South Bend, IN 46614
Phone: (574)291-7550

Hoosier Spring is proud to be a Veteran owned leading spring manufacturer, producing custom springs for a wide variety of applications. They specialize in the manufacture, heat treatment and inspection of custom springs and wire forms for hundreds of the world's top aerospace, military, nuclear (Navy and commercial), and industrial companies.

Their products include compression, conical and cylindrical springs, extension springs, garter springs and wireforms, clock springs and custom springs. They have developed the manufacturing skills that allow their company to excel as a manufacturer of custom springs, and to meet even the most demanding job specifications. Their springs are built for high performance and precision under the most demanding conditions.

Contact Hoosier Spring today to learn more about their manufacturing process and how they will work to meet your custom spring needs.

Aerospace, Nuclear and Industrial Springs
Aersospace, Nuclear and Industrial Springs For Commercial & Military Applications
Compression Springs, Conical Springs, Barrel Springs and Cylindrical Springs
Custom Springs - Spring Manufacturer - Hoosier Spring Company, Inc.
Extension Springs and Garter Springs
Magazine Springs and AR Springs
Spring manufacturing & Wire Forming Capabilities
Wire Forms, Clock Springs and Custom Miscellaneous Springs