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Elkhart East
P.O. Box 1322
Elkhart, IN 46515
Phone: 574-262-2576

Apartment Real Estate Elkhart Indiana
Assisted Living Real Estate Elkhart Indiana
Car-Care Center Real Estate Elkhart Indiana
Commercial Real Estate Elkhart Indiana
Commercial/Retail Real Estate Elkhart Indiana
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Elkhart Products Corporation
1255 Oak St.
Elkhart, IN 46515
Phone: (574) 264-3181

Serving the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing markets with American ingenuity. Elkhart Products Corporation is your one-stop supplier for quality copper plumbing products. We have a complete line of copper fittings for the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing markets that are available via our national distribution network.

Kuert , Inc.
3402 Linclonway West
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: 574-232-9911

Agricrete® Agricultural Concrete Mix
Commercial Concrete Goshen Indiana
Commercial Concrete Rochester Indiana
Commercial Concrete South Bend Indiana
Commercial Concrete Warsaw Indiana
Concrete Goshen Indiana
Concrete Rochester Indiana
Concrete South Bend Indiana
Concrete Supply Store South Bend Indiana
Concrete Warsaw Indiana
Duradrive Premium Concrete Driveway
Durafreeze Custom Concrete
Ready Mix Concrete Goshen Indiana
Ready Mix Concrete Rochester Indiana
Ready Mix Concrete South Bend Indiana
Ready Mix Concrete Warsaw Indiana
Residential Concrete Goshen Indiana
Residential Concrete Rochester Indiana
Residential Concrete South Bend Indiana
Residential Concrete Warsaw Indiana
Spectracrete Custom Concrete

Revolution Vent
P.O. Box 428
Mishawaka, IN 46546-0428
Phone: 800-837-8368
Toll Free: 800-837-8368

Revolution (REV-11) is the only truly "Green" ridge vent available*. The 11-inch wide by 20-foot long plastic vent core is made entirely from the same polypropylene plastic used to manufacture all of Cor-A-Vent's other products.

Meticulously captured excess scrap during production is reprocess and is fed directly into the Revolution, keeping it out of landfills while also reducing the use of petroleum needed for new plastic production.

Contact Cor-A-Vent today to learn more about their Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent today!

Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent

Robert Henry Corporation
404 South Frances Street
South Bend, IN 46624
Phone: 574-295-7940

The Robert Henry Corporation is a family-owned General Contracting business, founded in 1974 they are dedicated to quality and their dedication to quality construction shows in every warehouse, freight terminal, wastewater treatment plant, industrial office building, and high-bay computer-operated storage facility that they construct or remodel.

From Commercial and Industrial construction, directional drilling and directional boring, the Robert Henry Corporation skilled craftsmen is over 150 members strong and includes 35 to 40 utility crews and 10 to 15 construction crews. This strength in numbers ensures you that The Robert Henry Corporation can supply the personnel to keep your construction job moving.

For more information about the Robert Henry Corporation, contact them today!

Commercial Construction Contractor
Directional Boring
Directional Drilling
High Voltage Electrical Contractor
Industrial Construction Company
Power Distribution Contractor
Power Grid Contractor
Power Substation Construction
Storm Restoration

Signature Homes
4125 Grape Road
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Phone: (574) 236-8914

At Signature Homes we build custom homes in every price range. On any given year, we will build homes priced from $140,000.00 to well over $1,000,000.00. We have been building custom homes all over Michiana for over 20 years. Our Portfolio of Custom Homes extends from South Bend, Indiana to Southwest Michigan. We can however, build your home on any lot or parcel of land in northern Indiana or southern Michigan. Stop by our website to view Our Community of Custom Homes.

Our Community of Custom Homes
Portfolio of Custom Homes
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