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Assembly Masters
55807 Currant Road
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Phone: 574-257-9854

Assembly Masters is located in Elkhart, Indiana  the heartland of the Midwest. Were proud to call this our home and welcome your visit. In 2006 we moved into a newer, well-equipped facility that will allow us to grow and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Air Core Inductors Air Coils
Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Complex Wire Harnesses
Contract Manufacturing
Custom Bobbin-Wound Coils
Discrete Wire Assemblies
Formed Power Cables
Military Spec. Cables
Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies
Power Battery Cable Assemblies
Printed Circuit Board Jumpers
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Toroidal Inductors
Toroidal Transformers
Wire and Cable Assemblies
Wire and Cable Assembly Manufacturer