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Robert Henry Corporation
404 South Frances Street
South Bend, IN 46624
Phone: 574-295-7940

The Robert Henry Corporation is a family-owned General Contracting business, founded in 1974 they are dedicated to quality and their dedication to quality construction shows in every warehouse, freight terminal, wastewater treatment plant, industrial office building, and high-bay computer-operated storage facility that they construct or remodel.

From Commercial and Industrial construction, directional drilling and directional boring, the Robert Henry Corporation skilled craftsmen is over 150 members strong and includes 35 to 40 utility crews and 10 to 15 construction crews. This strength in numbers ensures you that The Robert Henry Corporation can supply the personnel to keep your construction job moving.

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Commercial Construction Contractor
Directional Boring
Directional Drilling
High Voltage Electrical Contractor
Industrial Construction Company
Power Distribution Contractor
Power Grid Contractor
Power Substation Construction
Storm Restoration